RIdgeway is Rockbags Supply Centre UK

Belfast means a perfect coastal location for ease of supply and rapid deployment solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get stock quickly?

Ridgeway have stock facilities in the UK and Ireland.

How long does it take for delivery?

Delivery will be made in 3 days from acknowledgement of an official PO.

Can you provide them filled?

Ridgeway have the capabilities to provide filled units (all sizes) anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

How long do they withstand UV exposure?

Testing completed on the product during the developing stage (back in 1986) confirmed the net has a life time of 30 years against UV.

How long do they last in saline water?

During testing at the developing stages, it was also confirmed that the filter unit net will last 50 years in saline water.

What kind of stone can be used to fill the bag?

Filter units can be filled with 50-200mm stone but it must have a specific gravity of 2.65.  Quarried stone can be used but for a more carbon reduction option a river cobble can also be utilised as a suitable fill.

What testing has been done?

The filter unit underwent hydraulic model testing at HR Wallingford’s facility to analyse the products stability in comparison to rip rap.   It has also been strength tested at Lloyds British and was basically pulled until destruction.

Are they LOLER certified?

Filter units are annually LOLER tested by a certified LEEA.

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